1. I will keep going, and hope you do the same.

    F*CK FOR FOREST a new film by Michal Marczak, director of AT THE EDGE OF RUSSIA


  3. Experience one year in the life of a family
    of reindeer herders in Finnish Lapland.

    And challenge what you think you know
    about man’s place in nature.

    interactive companion piece to feature doc AATSINKI by Jessica Oreck


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    “I had never been out where you couldn’t see land anywhere. It was completely surreal.” - Spencer Lowell


  7. "Check the metadata in the photo. Oooops …"
  8. emilyqualey:

    Camden International Film Festival Promo

    Maine in September? It’s a no brainer. Mark your calendars for next year’s event — September 26 - 29, 2013.

  9. DAM!